Mindful Stationery For Healing & Manifesting!
Mindful Stationery For Healing & Manifesting!
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Moon + Riot is a stationery company focused on mindfulness. Each product is designed to assist you in envisioning and manifesting the life of your dreams! Established in 2021 by Troy Michel.


Hi, I'm Troy Michel, aka @MotherTougher on social media! I'm a wife, mom of eight (whew, I know! haha), tv & radio personality, actress, and entrepreneur... a master juggler, if you will! I kinda do a little bit of everything; anything that keeps the creative juices flowing is my jam!

As a child I was extremely infatuated with planners & to-do lists. Organization was not an attribute I naturally possessed, so planners became a necessary mechanism for juggling school, chores and extracurricular activities (competitive concert band, ensemble, marching band, piano, theater, stepp, etc. My mom kept her BUSYYYY!).

Checking those tiny boxes always made me feel super accomplished and productive at the end of each day (and exhausted!). I mean, who doesn’t love checking those little boxes upon completing a task, amiright!? Not to mention, at my "big" age now, if it’s not on my to-do list, it’s not happening, ok!? I believe the vast majority share in that sentiment. And as a mom of eight, I needed a planner that packed “all the things” (to-do lists, budgeting, habit & gratitude tracking, affirmations, motivation and refelction/journaling, etc. etc.) in one place. Thus, Moon + Riot was born! It truly is my passion, and I’m ecstatically grateful to share my designs with you, and to visualize my planner making a difference in your life.

Remember, if you're not having a good day, you still have time to switch your mindset and MAKE it a great day!